Hospitality Foodservice

MV Foodservice supplying fresh produce and dairy to the hospitality sector from a supplier local to you.
As hospitality is beginning to open again, we are working hard to supply sites with all they need to get back on track.

As a supplier MV Foodservice have a vast experience of working with the hospitality industry.
Working with Cafes, Restaurants, Pubs, Golf Clubs and Catering services.

With our foodservice deliveries we can supply all the goods your kitchens require by next day delivery.

With suppliers UK wide, we make it our priority to ensure that customers deliveries arrive on time.
We promise that the produce delivered is of top quality for the right price.
By combining both fresh and dairy produce, we are able to deliver all the goods via one vehicle.
This in turn helps to reduce the carbon footprint on your deliveries, therefor helping to improve the environment.

We have made ordering as easy as possible for our customers.
Our first option is we can set up a daily call to your chef from our tele-sales team at a time that suits you.
The second option we have a dedicated telephone order line for you to call us with your orders.
Thirdly we have an order email address to email any orders through to be processed.