Nursing & Care Homes Foodservice

MV Foodservice  have a long history supplying dairy and foodservice deliveries daily to over a 1000 nursing and care homes.

Serving a wide range of  goods delivering to homes of all sizes, from larger care groups down to the smaller independent care homes.
We understand that orders can change frequently due to capacity changes, orders can be amended for the next days delivery.
Our promise is to offer a prompt service at a time that suits you, along with keeping prices competitive when budgets and costs are critical.

We have two options of goods to supply.
Foodservice enables delivery of dairy goods, fruit and vegetables, frozen and dry goods including cleaning products all arriving on one vehicle.
Or you can opt for a dairy only service supplying goods including bread, milk, cheese, bacon, yogurts, cream and many more.

We work with our customers to arrange a delivery time that suits you, we will aim to ensure the goods arrive when you need them.
Using a depot local to you we are able to reduce the carbon footprint on your deliveries.

We have an ordering system in place to help make it as easy as possible for you to order quickly and efficiently.
Our team can give you a call at a scheduled time set by you, alternatively you can call our tele-sales team on our order line.
There is the additional option to email to our dedicated order email address.